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A revolution in single-cell biology

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Precise™ Assays

The Precise™ Assay is the first targeted RNASeq product capable of absolute and direct molecular counting of transcripts.

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Gene expression panels

We have taken the guess work and legwork out of identifying,
compiling and validating targets for some of the most
common gene expression studies.

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Help us revolutionize biology and shape the future of research. Join our team.

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How Does A 100x Increase In Sample Throughput
For Just $10 A Sample Sound?

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Our mission

Cellular Research, Inc., is a new biotechnology research and development company founded in 2011 by innovators from Silicon Valley and Stanford University. Our mission is to revolutionize life science research by enabling high resolution investigation of single cells and limited samples, thereby creating new benchmarks and delivering new capabilities. Read more

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