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Cellular Research Announces Commercial Launch of Precise Assays for Single Cell RNA-Seq

Palo Alto, Calif., USA – February 25th, 2015 – Cellular Research, Inc. today announced the commercial launch of its ultrasensitive Precise™ Assays for targeted RNA-Seq experiments using single cells. Early access customers and collaborators will present data using the assays at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Conference taking place this week in Marco Island, Fla.

Based on Cellular Research's patented Molecular Indexing™ technology, the Precise assays examine large numbers of standard or low input mRNA samples from precious samples, or whenever absolute quantitation is required. The Precise assays combine molecular and sample indexing in 96- and 384-sample formats, enabling customers to sequence up to 4,608 samples on one sequencing run without investment in new equipment or extensive training.

Early access customers and collaborators presenting data at AGBT include:
  • Sara Bass, Ph.D. from the National Cancer Institute will present data on A Novel Method for Absolute Quantification of Individual mRNA Transcripts Enables Efficient Characterization and Validation of Large Scale Whole Transcriptome Studies
  • Carlos Moreno from Emory University School of Medicine will present data on using the Precise assays on urinary exosomal RNA samples from prostate cancer patients to begin development of non-invasive biomarkers that may predict aggressive prostate cancer
  • Alice Wang from Becton Dickinson will present data on using BD's FACSJazz cell sorting instrument with the Precise assays to deconvolute cellular subtypes from peripheral blood cells in order to identify rare regulatory T cell subpopulations
Cellular Research is collaborating with Seven Bridges Genomics (SBG) to offer customers a complete analysis pipeline, which provides an integrated cloud-based data platform for management, execution and collaboration of the RNASeq experiments in a robust, easy-to-use informatics platform. The robust design and data analysis pipelines offer a simple turnkey solution for targeted RNASeq experiments.

More information, including a free webinar, is available at (AGBT landing site).

About Cellular Research
Cellular Research, Inc. is a biotechnology research and development company founded by innovators from Silicon Valley and Stanford University. Our mission is to develop and commercialize a new generation of highly sensitive life science technologies and products. In addition to introducing a portfolio of research products, the Company has an active partnership program with pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies advancing clinical applications. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter: @Cell_Research.

Media Contact:
Nicole Litchfield
Bioscribe Inc., for Cellular Research
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